Digital Age Descendants S1:E10 – How to cure bordeom in a child?

I struggle mightily with this, I work 50 + hours a week and my wife’s work schedule varies.  I can’t think of anything to cure their boredom. They have their iPads and even with that when the batteries run out and they get bored.  Of course when the batteries run out they come to me or my wife and we must instantly cure their boredom. I am running the household and trying to make ends meet and get frustrated with the kids when they want my immediate attention and don’t understand that I have to get things done or the household tends to start falling apart. 

In previous shows I stated I want to be active in my children’s lives, this area of their lives is where I struggle.  I don’t know how to cure their boredom. I tried to make a family game night and it failed because of life’s challenges and scheduling.  When we do get a chance to play the game I have 1 son that gets mad when he loses and the other son gloats when he wins. I have to put my referee shirt on and that is when it goes down hill.  

I have learned to take a step back and breathe before I speak which helps me not get angry and start yelling.  If the attitudes flare up during a game I make a suggestion that we just stop the game and put it away, which doesn’t usually resonate well with anyone.  The kids get upset because they aren’t playing and I get relief so I don’t yell. In the end it really doesn’t resolve anything…work in progress. Ahh parenting.

Again you are probably asking what does this have to do with the digital age.  Well, today’s kids don’t go out and play when they would rather be playing their with / on their electronic devices or playing video games.  I want my kids to do arts and crafts or create something. I have Raspberry Pi devices that they could do whatever they want with but they don’t show interest.  I have to try harder in that department.

So how do you cure your childs boredom? Let me know in the comments.

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