Let me introduce myself and the show.

Hello, My name is Mike Shain, I am a parent of three children, one is currently starting her journey into middle school are what some people called junior high school, I also have twin boys that are currently seven.

Why do this?

  • I want to explain my perspective about parenting in the digital age.
  • What are you about? I am honest and will talk about anything with my kids, which I think some parents are afraid to talk to their kids.
  • Why should they read your blog? I believe I can offer a wider perspective to parenting.

In this digital age world we live in, parents are tapped for time with both parents working and all the kids extracurricular activities that they can have. As an example, my daughter will be taking a break from karate starting in December. My youngest son will be taking her place and starting his journey. I started my journey in karate shortly after my daughter did.

Making time for all this can be stressful. Juggling all this has become normal for me. This is just one of the challenges in the family dynamic for me.