Digital Age Descendants S1:E9 – When chores get assigned!

At what age should chores be assigned to children?  I remember when I was growing up I was told to do chores at age 7 or 8, I had to get them done before I was able to go watch TV or use the computer when it arrived in the house.  

So my boys are 7 and my daughter is 12.  I decided to create a short chore list for each of them.  My daughter would get a slightly longer list because she is older, and the boys would get the same amount of chores on each of their lists.  I gave them simple things on their respective lists, such as cleaning their room, they all got finish their homework before they get to use their electronics and for my daughter if completing her homework required using a computer, tablet or phone then that was permitted.

So far it has worked, they also do get money for completing the chores so there is some additional motivation in completing them.

I bet you are asking how does relate to the digital age.  In my view, I look at it as a way to regulate the use of iPads with regards to my sons and her phone in regards to my daughter.  I have taken these items away because of attitudes and as a punishment for not doing what I ask them to do. I also ask them to help me outside with home type of chores such as sweeping up leaves, cleaning the cobwebs, etc…, these things aren’t that difficult but I still get some minor sass from them and whining, and asking why they need to help around the house. To which I tell them “because I asked you too” that phrase is something that drives me nuts but it works.   

Parents and children are so addicted to their devices that I think a majority of people forget to stop and smell the roses.  In my opinion they don’t want to look up long enough from their devices and look around their world to see the beauty that surrounds them.

I wonder what people would do if they couldn’t have their devices.  A time when there is no cell service no Internet, what would people do.  The thought of that reminds me of the videos on YouTube of a world without humans. The Earth would start healing and retaking and overtaking the buildings us humans have built.

What are some of you ideas? Let us know in the comments or leave a voicemail.

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