Zombified S1:E3


All the time I hear people all the time joke about the zombie apocalypse and the pending doom it will bring, well in my opinion it is already here!  Humans in general, parents, and teenagers are the zombie apocalypse. We constantly walk around with our phones in our faces, not paying attention to our surroundings, this is why states like Hawaii and New York have or are working on passing laws for the people that can’t put their phone down to walk across the street. 

So how do we fix this mentality?  Again, as I have said in an earlier episode, just stop doing it.  I know it is easier said than done. I have made a conscious effort to stop doing it.  

The real zombification that I have seen is when I was in college and walking around the local college campus or see a young couple walking around and looking at their phones instead of looking at each other. I also see young men and women walking around with their ear buds in and looking at their phones with no sense of what is around them.  An unsavory individual could just come up and accost them fairly easily.  

I hear stories about sexual assaults in my city and they read the ages of the victims if published, and wonder how they could have prevented it. My answer is have one ear bud in and look down at phone every few minutes not seconds, the text can wait the friend update can wait. 

This is the future of parenting and society, people that are consumed by Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever new social network comes about.  I was able to leave Facebook for a year and considering deactivating my account again. It is a time sink for me, I have more important things like my children to take care of and make sure they are ready for the messed up world they are living in.

Links for articles will be in the show notes.

New York no texting law


Honolulu, Hawaii no texting law


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